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Making Safety a Deciding Factor for Inflatable Rental

UltraSound Special Events Inc. was established in 1990 and has a 21 year history for safety through established risk management policies and procedures. The benefits of traditional bounce houses, slides, and similar inflatable amusements are great in that these devices provide easy set up, colorful themes kids can relate to, and a great outlet for physical activity away from constant video games and television.

With over 100 different inflatable amusement attractions, we take fun very seriously and also want to communicate any safety issues to our clients and allow them to be aware of any concerns. Through an established safety history involving ongoing training and education of our staff members, we are confident in promoting the use of inflatable amusements under the following conditions.

1. BE SAFE!! Be sure to work with a reputable company with a solid safety history and an ongoing safety program. Allow a properly trained individual to deliver and set up the inflatable amusement and consider the option of requesting an attendant be provided to supervise the play while it is in operation if you do not feel comfortable in assuming this important responsibility.

2. ANCHOR the INFLATABLE!! ALWAYS stake or properly anchor the unit with sufficient weight to keep the game in place and regardless of current weather conditions. Weather conditions can change quickly and the operator of the event must be attentive to any changes.

3. KNOW CAPACITIES!! Group similar size children together. It is important to be familiar with the capacities of the equipment and mindful that the participants are obeying the rules. Never overcrowd capacities by placing too many kids in the unit.

4. ADULT SUPERVISION!! Provide adult supervision to supervise the participation of children on the inflatable amusement ride and be aware of any changing weather conditions. Obey the rules posted on the attraction and cease operation if the possibility of winds in excess of 22 mph or rain exists.

If you decide to supervise your small birthday party is acceptable, review and be knowledgeable of the rules for play within the activity with the company you are renting from after set up. We suggest ALWAYS having trained staff on site for public events or where multiple units will be set up such as company picnics. Please remember your guests are there to enjoy the fun and not be working the event.

A free inflatable safety brochure is available from UltraSound Special Events Inc. If you have questions on inflatable amusement rental, please contact our office at 419-339-9701 for more information.

News Submitted By:  Kevin Wieging