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St. Gerard Guitar Hero Tourney

This Sunday twenty-four of Limalandís best Guitar Hero talents assembled at the 31st Annual Saint Gerardís Summer Festival to compete in the 1st Annual St. Gerardís Festival Guitar Hero Tournament.

With ages ranging from 8 to 40 this was a very diverse group of guitarists. The preliminary rounds saw youngsters Taylor Cox, Ian Freisner, Madison Cohorn and Kian Duffy set the pace with dominate wins, while two veteran rockers, Patrick Finn and
Jeff Camp kept the pressure on with close victories of their own.

With the beginning of the semi-final rounds the crowd came alive helping to propel Jeff to a
close victory over Ian. Jeffís run came to an end when he came up just a little short in his dual with Taylor. In the other semi round young Madison crushed the veteran rocker Patrick, putting her in a much anticipated match up with Kian. The pressure was on, but Madison proved her mettle and ran away with a victory.

This set up a titanic final match up between youngsters Tayor Cox and Madison Cohorn. The two finalists were introduced and took the stage to their fans thundering applause. The song was chosen, the difficulty was placed on expert, and the crowd was buzzing with anticipation. Fingers were flying as the contestants matched each other note for note.

After a difficult beginning riff, Taylor built the smallest of leads over Madison. He held that precarious lead throughtout the songs mid point. Then Madison turn it on completing the song without missing any notes and scoring multiple bonus points. In the end, Madison was victorious barely edging out Taylor by a slim 2,500 point margin.

The victorious Madsion won 4 Cedar Point tickets, while second place Taylor won 4 Kings Island tickets. Congratulations to all the competiors for an outstanding tournament! Also, a big thank you to the St. Gerardís Festival committee for hosting the event.

News Submitted By:  Kevin Krouskop