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Game Information
1. Players begin play be fastening velcro headbands around head with 3 sensors on the forehead.

2. Prior to the start of the game, players will draw from a stack of MINDBALL cards to determine if winning will be achieved by being more relaxed or excited.

3. Game will begin when host presses the play button and the ball rolls to the center of the table. Brain activity will then begin to display on monitor.

4. By being more calm, the player will mentally push the ball across the table toward their opponent. Geberating excitment will draw the ball toward a player.

5. Along withe the movement of the ball, brain activity will also be displayed on the monitor. Play will continue until the ball is caused to move all the way across the table and come to rest in the goal circle.

6. Players may do whatever necessary while at the table to achieve their optimal level of relaxation or excitment. Audience members may antagonize or assist players throughout game.