Putt-Putt Golf

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Game Information
1. 9 hole miniature golf course will be assembled in space required. Typically, a 20' X 30' area is required or course can be altered to be spread throughout a room or building.

2. Participants begin at beginning of 9 hole course beginning with hole number 1.

3. Each hole may vary slightly in length, layout, and/or difficulty level. Start each hole by hitting the ball with the putter in order to advance the ball toward the hole.

4. Each time a participant strikes the ball, a stroke is added to the overall score. A score for each individual hole is calculated by the number of attempts the participant must take to direct the ball to the hole.

5. Participants playing together should alternate attempts at hitting ball and attempting to direct it to the hole.

6. Total score for each player is determined by adding together the individual score on each hole for a overall game score. When playing against another opponent, the least number of strokes shall be the winner.